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Photovoltaic Modules Policrystalline FRAMELESS

Category: Solar


Sizes: 1655 X 990 X 5.5 mm - Weight: 19 KG


Factory code: 156P60

Local code: 156P60

Note: A photovoltaic module is a device capable of converting solar energy into electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect: solar radiation is capable of freeing electrons from semiconductor materials such as silicon, thereby charging them electrically. In this way, photovoltaic panels produce electrical energy. The electric current produced then passes to an inverter, a device that transforms the AC current. After passing through the metal contacts, the current enters the electricity network (if the system is connected to the public network) or is stored in special batteries (if the system is ‘an island’ that is disconnected from the public network). Nr. Cells: 60 cells Power: 220 Wp - 225 Wp - 230 Wp - 235 Wp - 240 Wp - 245 Wp - 250 Wp

Posted: 2015-04-25