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PACIFIC Electric Water Heater - 80 L - 1500w

Category: Electric Water Heaters


Color: WHITE

Package: PACIFIC

Factory code: 80L-PACIFIC

Local code: 80L-PACIFIC

Note: The expertise of an authentic and renowned French brand.
Concept has a sober cylindric shape, with invisible fixation, to blend perfectly into your home (in a kitchen, bathroom...).
With its high quality zircon enamel, sheathed heating element and magnesium anode, for an optimum protection against corrosion, your water heater will have a long lifespan without failure.
Concept has a safe operating mode. It is fully IP 24 compliant, the European standards for electrical safety and user protection.
Finally, Concept is environmentally friendly thanks to its CFC-free foam.
With a wide range of capacities, Concept is able to address everyone's needs in your family and constitutes an excellent choice.

Posted: 2015-05-23